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MDF is a wonderful material to work with when model making with lasers, it’s relatively inexpensive, strong and easy to find in mass quantities just about anywhere.

It also takes very well to paint of all sorts but should be used for anything with large temperature variations or high humidity levels.

eiffeltower-4 MDF

When ever we work with this material or any other engineered wood material, we wrap both the front and the back so that any smoke stains do not appear on either surface. It’s a little touch that saves a lot of time for us and money for you.

eiffeltower-4 MDF

Our capabilities go way beyond just cutting wood though, we can also produce custom Hardboard backed whiteboards (or paint onto any other material to make it an engraved custom whiteboard).

These can then be paint filled and produced in massive quantities in just about any shape with your custom branding.

eiffeltower-4 MDF

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