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Believe it or not, our laser is so precise that we can actually engrave the surface of paper without burning it or going through! Don’t believe us? Look at this picture on thin normal stock yellow paper. That isn’t printed, that’s laser engraved and cut!

laser-cutting-paper-9 Paper

Regular stock yellow card.

Our lasers will do an awesome job that would have cost a fortune in tooling otherwise, especially on short runs.

We also have the ability to read registration points to precisely cut paper or other materials in absolute precision regardless of orientation on our bed!

laser-cutting-paper-9 Paper

Fresh off the cutting board, still a bit of dust on them.

Possible applications for paper:

  • business cards
  • wedding invitations
  • Christmas cards
  • promotional brochures
  • perforation marks
  • scrap booking
  • model making
  • digital printing
  • packaging prototype construction
  • … and the list goes on.
laser-cutting-paper-9 Paper

A variety of papers, cut on the left, engraved on the right.

The laser that invested in also came with a vacuum table which works great with paper of all thicknesses as it holds it down while the cutting process is occurring.

laser-cutting-paper-9 Paper

Our custom made Delrin Seals debossing on custom laser cut card stock.

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