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Melamine, which is a Phenolic, engraves extremely well using our CNC laser, we can also cut through it up to 3/4 inch though for best results 1/4 inch is best.

The advantage of CNC laser cutting melamine is that there is a very small amount of material vaporized (removed) during the process, which allows for recessed or removable paneling that isn’t apparent, saving a lot of pre and post processing to achieve the same result using a CNC router as the “grain” will match.

cnc-laser-presswood-7 Phenolics

CNC laser cut 3/4 inch melamine

We have an Austrian CNC laser capable of cutting various thicknesses of melamine and our production bed allows for pieces up to a meter wide and however long you need.

For cutting and engraving, our experience and in-house capabilities with melamine are tough to beat!