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Our Trotec Lasers have their origins in the stamp industry – their parent company is Trodat, the world’s largest stamp manufacturer!

Our machines are highly optimized for rubber engraving and our software is second to none to produce the most optimal and high quality engraving for all your stamping needs.

hot-press-custom-mold-7 Rubber

80 durometer custom cut and laser engraved hot press mold.

Whether you need to have stamps laser engraved out of natural rubber, microporous foam, silicone rubber or even synthetic rubber, is here to help!

hot-press-custom-mold-7 Rubber

For proper laser engraving, the text has to be mirrored and inverted and our heavy-duty extraction handles the dust that’s produced during the stamp engraving process.

Our laser is capable of producing large volumes of stamps efficiently because our machine’s electronics are protected from stamp associated debris.

hot-press-custom-mold-7 Rubber

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