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drill-press-table-9 MIG Welding... coming soon!

MIG Welding… coming soon! has grown tremendously over the past two and a half years, from doing custom mill work for furniture companies to metal tags for machine manufacturers and literally everything in-between.

etched-welding-tags-x9 MIG Welding... coming soon!

As part of our continued investment into better helping our customers with their needs, I hope to soon add MIG welding to our services.

It’s something I’ve been wanting to add for a while as there are some things (many things) that are actually better if built out of metal rather than wood or other materials.

etched-welding-tags-x9 MIG Welding... coming soon!

When I first started, I knew the center of attention would be our Austrian CNC laser with both a CO2 tube and FIBER.

That FIBER was expensive but it allowed us to do things that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, and it was also an aspirational addition because I knew that eventually I’d be getting into more and more metal projects and FIBER is what you need!

Having a diversified skill set and equipment to back that up really helps us when it comes to coming-up with unique solutions to our customer’s issues.

We’ve made lots of metal tags and plaques, for a variety of uses, but up to this point, sticking two pieces (and more) together isn’t something we could do, hence setting-up the shop for MIG welding.

etched-welding-tags-x9 MIG Welding... coming soon!

Why MIG?

There are a number of welding technologies out there, from stick welding to TIG and others but after reviewing them all, and my experience in high school learning how to weld, MIG fits the vast majority of our upcoming needs.

What I find interesting is that many of our mill working customers are ALSO getting into MIG welding too! So, I’m not the first on the boat by any means when it comes to custom woodcraft going to metal.

I also have a number of friends who are welding professionals, and companies, whom makes their welding tags so it’s a natural fit for us to get more into that profession on behalf of our customers whom we do so much other stuff for already.

It’s pretty interesting to me how many similarities there are between all these professions and how well the skills in one area lead to others. For instance, this fish I made looks great with our CNC ShopBot.

But, being able to accentuate it using MIG opens-up a whole host of additional branding opportunities that make our work more efficient to our customers and for us, increases the number of invoices and the totals on them as well.

One of my first few projects I’ll document here on the blog and videos as always, but a pallet breaker, metal welding table and custom plaques are by far at the top of my list.

As with everything else I do at, from 3D modeling, design, CNC and powertools, MIG will be something I teach myself as well.

I’m lucky that after some practice, I can show my PROFESSIONAL welding friends to verify my welds both visuals and strength elements.

The fact that we can then permanently brand the MIG projects using our CNC fiber laser for the annealing is just a bonus.

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etched-welding-tags-x9 MIG Welding... coming soon!