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ohcanada6 Where were you months ago?

Where were you months ago?

Timing is everything and often after a sales call, potential clients are blown away by our capabilities and begin to think about previous projects could have helped them with. Invariably, the question gets asked “Where were you months ago?”

Mind blown

There are so many issue that rise-up managing a company, we tend to all get comfortable in our little silos where A lead to B, then the next day or client, A lead to B again and again and again. It becomes a magical cash machine that’s on autopilot!

You wonder why Kodak, the world leader in film and the actual inventor of digital cameras went under? They put their blinders on for so long, they forgot that the world around them had changed outside of their silo. That cash machine was so fantastic for so many years, nobody wanted to screw it up! This happens everywhere, think Eatons and Towers before Walmart came to Canada… they were MASSIVE, now they are GONE! Sears and Kmart, once industry leaders are slowly approaching the same fate too!

This is what offers your business, whether you manufacture widgets or are in a service business, we can literally provide you with endless creative options without the massive investment in time and money traditionally required. Sure, our Trotec Laser cost a lot of money but that’s cheap compared to the skills required to design and imagine the possibilities it provides.

Creativity cannot be bought or learned, you either have the capabilities to think widely or you don’t. Like an artist who can produce lifelike pencil sketches, no amount of training will get me from my stick figure to Picasso even if I lived for a thousand years and practiced 24/7!


Marketing managers should regularly butt heads with management because that’s their job… spend money to “try” to get some of it back exponentially – you don’t achieve this by being safe. The ROI isn’t predictable, it’s an educated guess and following what competitors are doing is essentially going down the same track as them. Just because A is doing something, doesn’t necessarily means you should follow them!

To properly market oneself and the business you are in, you have to create an experience, markers that make you stand out and remembered. If you don’t create these visual (and audio) cues, you aren’t doing your business a favor long-term.

CNC laser engraving is still very much (surprisingly!) a niche offering, I can’t count how many times I go to networking events, showing people my trusty knife and them being blown away by it. This is technology that’s older than most of the youngsters in the room! You think 3D printers are awesome? Try a laser!

pocketknife Where were you months ago?

Is this printed? Nope, it’s permanently annealed on the steel and engraved in the wood. It still has that “cache” which means that just because an item has been touched by a laser, the perceived value has gone up exponentially.

Look at wedding invitations, most of them are boring sheets of expensive paper, well, can cut them out with crazy intricate details that make the whole event all the special. If you are a wedding shop owner, you need to be offering this NOW, not 10 years down the road when everybody is doing it! Why not make them out of veneer or stainless steel? I haven’t seen much of that!

If you are in the clothing business, our CNC laser can cut faster and better than any CNC orbital knife, bringing your costs of production down dramatically as well as rejects. You shouldn’t be offering this in 10 years, you should be doing it with us NOW!

I’ve talked to a lot of mill work companies all across Niagara, some are doing great, others are literally starving themselves. Why? They are still building things without CNC machines (for the most part) and although their work is awesome and inspiring, CNC machines are able to do something “pretty good” for a fraction of the price and multiples faster. This puts price pressure bringing down your ROI unless you invest in equipment or have an upsell to offer. offers you that capability without the upfront costs!

The design possibilities when you mix creativity, capability and equipment together is mind-blowing, you are lucky, you have an eager partner who can’t wait to dramatically improve your ROI! Let us help you grow!

pocketknife Where were you months ago?