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New Prefab Products for Sale: Two Showcases!

I am happy to announce that our first two showcases are now available for sale!

This is a simple showcase built 9mm thick materials to feature all your cool stuff. This is very easy to assemble as each part interlocks with the other, just apply some glue to keep everything together or a few nails and you are done!

Please Note: The wood backing is not provided for this item, you can find this at any lumber store if you wish to add one after construction.

Approximate dimensions: 29cm long by 22.5cm high

This showcase features a larger area in the center to draw the eye to that extra-special item you may have.

Approximate dimensions: 29cm long by 22.5cm high

As usual, you can always opt to built these yourself, the blueprints can be found in the “Displays” category. Below are the two animations showing assembly.