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New Prefabbed Puzzles Available: Space!

We have just made available on our site 22 new puzzles. They are similar with our popular dinosaur puzzle collection but these ones feature a space related theme. There are also two new “Challenges” puzzles available as well. Most of our puzzles hover just under the 50 dollar mark which is a great value considering they are made on-demand on very durable eurolite plywood. You won’t find any of that cheap, mass-produced cardboard that seems to have become the staple of most puzzles these days!

The puzzles contain 64 pieces on 4mm thick plywood which can be easily glued together for a nice wall presentation on your child’s bedroom. Although backing is not provided, using cardboard is more than adequate. Approximate dimensions of the puzzle are 20cm square (7.9 inches) with the pieces about 2.5cm (1 inch) square.

You can buy these unique Space themed puzzles by navigating to Category / Puzzles / Outer Space. You can find the Challenges themed puzzles at Category / Puzzles / Challenges.

We have also completed a major clean-up of our entire e-commerce site which should make your browsing experience far more enjoyable and efficient.