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New Wood Project Plan: Pet Bowl Holder

I am proud to announce we are putting our toes into the pet related field now, there is a heck of demand to provide the best for your pets and we want to play our part! This very simple to build yet very strong pet bowl holder will keep everything in order and easily fits with any floor plan that you share with your best friend.

We have also updated our production cycle now to include pre-fabrication by default with any future release, hence why you may notice our product looks a little different. Of course, when you buy blueprints, you can build the model as you wish with whatever material you have on hand but if you want to order it pre-cut and shipped to your door, that is now available as well! The best of both worlds!

You can find this model in the new “Pet Products” category or click on the following link to see material and purchasing options to receive it prefabbed just for you!