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New Wood Project Release: Amazing Train!

Things have been crazy here behind the scenes with lots of fantastic announcements coming very soon! This year has been a fantastic one for We achieved a heck of a lot, set a very strong foundation for the coming year.

I am also very happy to announce the release of our first Amazing Train! What makes this train amazing? Well, for starters, it allows your child to paint or draw the boiler for that totally custom look. In addition, it features real spinning wheels and is our first DOWEL FREE model as well! Based on customer feedback over the year, we are really working hard here to make products as easy yet as customizable as possible for you… please keep it coming!

The Amazing Train is available at 6mm of Eurolite thicknesses and at a very affordable price, of course, blueprints are also available. At 6mm in thickness, the train length is an amazing 44cm with a height of 13 and width of almost 10!

We think ownership is important so that is why this train requires a rolled-up a piece of paper (card stock or paperboard is better) to make the boiler, so your child can take even more pride in his or her’s creation.

You can find this model on under Category / Vehicles.

We have also begun putting a little more effort in our productions as well to spice-up the imagination – we hope you enjoy it!