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New Woodworking Project: Halloween Sword Shelf!

Continuing on the Halloween theme, we have just launched another great woodworking project, a Halloween Sword Shelf! The really nice this about this project is that it has a dual purpose. You can stick a light behind it and scare away the little kids by have it’s shadow project out of a window or place some stuff on it that is as equally frightening!

Developed by, this great looking Halloween Sword Shelf will give you that extra bit of spirit during any long goolish party! You can also put a light in-front of it and have the shadow project in a window. All that is needed for assembly is some carpenters glue and a few hours to allow everything to dry together. The approximate dimensions of this project are 37cm high, length of 47cm with a width of 10cm if you use a material thickness of 4mm.

You can find this project under Theme / Holidays / Halloween. As always, enjoy the 3D animation showing assembly of this goolishly scary item!