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New Woodworking Project: Pen and Pencil Holder D

It just goes to show how fast or slow a project can go from idea to completion. Yesterday, I wrote about the crane update I was working on and while working on a few new panel ideas, I thought to myself… that would make a great pen and pencil holder design!

About an hour later, the design was done and rendering occurred overnight, laser cutting files uploaded and it’s now launched for sale on!

This pen and pencil design is very simple, features clean lines and doubles as a great paper weight. It’s about 9cm square and has a hole in it that’s about 4cm in diameter.

To go along with the theme of customization, you can decide to make this project without the panels (they are included in the kit) or substitute another item inside of your choice.

You can purchase the physical laser cut kit which will be delivered right to your door or the blueprints right now at You can find them under Category / Office / Organizers.