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October 19th, 2007: Official Launch of

Today I am happy to announce that I have launched to the world. I have been reading about product recalls due to lead in children’s toys and I decided to take the initiative to do something about it. Although the idea came to me a few years ago, technology, media attention and life’s circumstances prompted to push this idea a little further along.

What makes Unique?

In a world full of “new uniques”, I believe this site truly stands for the original meaning of unique.

You choose the Scale

Gone are the days when instructions include “drill a ¾ of an inch hole 4 inches from the left side of the centered model”. With, all you need to do is transfer the templates onto your piece of wood and as each piece is relative in both size and depth to the other pieces, no need to measure ANYTHING!

Instant Satisfaction

You want to build something 2 minutes from now, with you can! Delivery of all files is by PDF file, which not only saves the environment from unnecessary shipping of paper but also gives you what you want when it’s most convenient to you, the customer!

Blog with Feedback Mechanism

By using the technology of a blog, you have a more personalized approach to the projects you purchase. You can find out more about woodworking in general, order books or equipment and even send feedback once you have finished a project so that we can constantly improve our step-by-step guides.

Approach believes that one of the best ways to relieve stress is to use your hands and get back to nature, hence, we don’t sell woodworking projects, we sell self-esteem, relaxation, inspiration and motivation.

3D Technology

Yes, each project comes with a link to view the model you purchased in a 3D animation! Download the quicktime movie and view how parts fit together in a different manner than that shown in the detailed step-by-step instructions.

…and there is more

Spend a bit more time on the site, you will see.

The Bottom Line

Life is like a box of wood, form it to your liking!