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Platform Crane B, Bobcat, Ruskstraf Plane, Straddle Carrier B, Pterodactyl and Army Transport Truck: Upcoming CNC projects!

I’m been busy creating a new batch of CNC projects which I hope to start cutting and testing tomorrow with my ShopBot Tools ShopBot Desktop. These were original laser cutter designs which I’ve redesigned and modified to be easily CNC’able so here is the upcoming CNC project line-up.

I’m also working on a new “show” platform for the proof of concept videos for these CNC projects too… should be far more educational and entertaining. We’ll see how filming goes! As you can see, some of these models are extensive, the Straddle Carrier alone will require 5 sheets @ 6mm with the dimensions of 400mm x 500mm! As mentioned earlier, most of these models will be double the laser model’s scale so I can get the details I want.

Platform Crane B: 3D Assembly Animation (720HD)

MK3 Bobcat: 3D Assembly Animation (720HD)

Rusk Straf Dual-Ramjet Stealth Plane: 3D Assembly Animation (720HD)

Pterodactyl: 3D Assembly Animation (720HD)

Straddle Carrier B: 3D Assembly Animation (720HD)

Army Transport Truck: 3D Assembly Animation (720HD)