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eiffel-tower-model-kit-laser-8 The Power of 3D Visualization for Custom Designs

The Power of 3D Visualization for Custom Designs

The power of 3D visualization, from design through to animation, is what differentiates our entire approach towards producing custom projects for our customers at

3D Visualization: Evolution towards HD, through various business entities over the past two decades, has been in the 3D modeling and animation service industry for almost two decades.

stereo-bank-model-kit-1 The Power of 3D Visualization for Custom Designs

It’s incredible how much the 3D industry has evolved over the past decade, much less two since the ground breaking Toy Story by Pixar (now Disney) was released and brought 3D from a niche to now, an everyday thing.

We started out doing industrial 3D animations before people knew what 3D animation was.

Back then, most companies were either bring parts of their machines with them (if not the whole thing) at a trade show or pictures playing on a TV.

I came into the market and basically told them we can make an animation that their sales people can use and a bonus is you will attract more people to your booth!

As a result, when I began offering 3D animations for industrial companies around the world.

We would render these out, output them to VHS or BetaCAM and then ship it out. We did projects as far away as Australia, Italy and across North America.

Today, we essentially do the same thing but instead of 3D being the product, it’s what we use to MAKE things for our customers. It’s how we go about designing a project so that our customers can see and approve what we do before we actually do it.

stereo-bank-model-kit-1 The Power of 3D Visualization for Custom Designs

More importantly, it allows us to prove-out the custom project at hand before doing it, so that we know, from the very start, that the design will WORK. Custom fabrication is fun but custom that doesn’t work is a headache!

3D is such a powerful tool that it’s essential to us in the shop for our more complex projects to make absolutely sure everybody is on the same page.

Our customers really like being able to sign-off on projects every step of the way, design through finished product and 3D is the best way to do this in an efficient manner.

3D Visualization: Website Updates

Just look at one of our products that I designed and launched almost 10 years ago… the volcano bank.

Compared to the 3d visualization we are able to make now, it’s literally night and day and try to imagine, in 2008, the above looked AWESOME because we didn’t know HD, this was done at broadcast quality.

That’s why those kids shows you use to watch look so awful now, it isn’t just the “story” but your whole visual cortex has been been altered to HD and bright, vibrant colors, that earlier shows just couldn’t produce at the time.

As I slowly start to plow through updating the 3D animations and 3d visualizations on, I’ll have time to be a bit more creative with some models. For now, it’s more getting them done in between customer projects when the computer isn’t busy rendering other stuff out.

stereo-bank-model-kit-1 The Power of 3D Visualization for Custom Designs

3D Visualization: 3D animations aren’t quick!

Just go give you some perspective as to how long it takes simply to render some of these 3D animations out, something like this Japanese Miyajima Gate that’s relatively simple and straight forward takes about 4 days.

There is only one texture, no blending, no atmospherics or other details which you’ll see all exist in another model I’m currently rendering. These animations were originally made to show people buying our digital files around the world how to put the model kits together without having to know the language.

stereo-bank-model-kit-1 The Power of 3D Visualization for Custom Designs

That’s the power of 3D visualization, the language is visual that’s easily understood the world over. Give this to a child as well over detailed text instructions and this by far wins in both speed and understanding.

This is why the power of 3D visualization is so powerful to because our customers don’t always understand CAD documents and they need approval from marketing who want to SEE what they are approving. A 3D visualization like this helps both department be on the same page and more importantly, we have a benchmark for production to meet as well!

3D Visualization: Not always required.

However amazing 3D visualization is for project development, it isn’t always needed for simpler projects such as this Christmas Text Ornament. It’s just two pieces stuck together all CNC laser cut and sand blasted. We could make a 3D animation but most people have no problem understanding how two pieces go together to form a completed model.

This does fall apart rather quickly though, when you have more than 10 pieces to a model or go into the hundreds, this is where the power of 3D visualization really showcases itself the best.

3D Visualization: Let’s Work Together!

I hope this has helped you understand just some of the capabilities that has when it comes to custom design through fabrication and manufacturing production runs. It’s isn’t a typical type of company and generally takes people a few takes to start to understand what we are capable of bringing to them.

stereo-bank-model-kit-1 The Power of 3D Visualization for Custom Designs

If you have any questions about this stuff, feel free to ask, to us, doing something totally custom is second nature but I fully realize that this isn’t the norm so there are bound to be some confusion as to what is and isn’t possible. To make things simple, whatever the laws of physics allow us to make, we can and then some.

The “then some” comes down to visual trickery, for instance, we can make a project where it seems like there are elements that are floating, that’s impossible, but using clear acrylic, or fishing wire for instance, helps achieve something you wouldn’t think possible.

stereo-bank-model-kit-1 The Power of 3D Visualization for Custom Designs

So, how do we connect to make a project become reality? It’s easy, just contact me using the form on this website or email at the top of this page (top right) with your project details including material preferences, budget, how many you want and your timeline.