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Review of our Full Armor Gear Series

It’s always important to review where things came from and where they are headed, our unique Full Armor Gear series is no different.

Where it all began

The original concept behind the our Full Armor Gear series began with creating a series of “war” related wooden toys that still allowed plenty of room for non-war related play. Let’s face it, our world is full of challenges and developing a method of understanding its dynamics through play, we believe, is an important part of growing up. Nothing has pushed research and innovation harder and faster than when a country was at war, even space exploration pales in comparison to the dedication and investment puts towards, what usually ends up being, a more efficient series of killing machines. War isn’t fun, it isn’t pretty but it’s a fact of life that cannot be ignored.

Our current lineup

So far, we have developed three (land) vehicles in our Full Armor Gear series, our Full Armor Gear Bull, Transporter and recently released, Tank. Each one has plenty of storage and carrying capacity that gives just enough realism and space for creativity that a child needs in order to understand the mechanics behind engineering involved in war play. For instance, if you don’t have a method of efficiently carrying cargo (our transporter), an army is doomed to fail due to supply chain deficiencies. Without a strong method of defense and offense (Bull and Tank), you are unable to gain or retain any territory. There is A LOT of strategic and systemic thought put behind each of our vehicles, we don’t just view them as wooden toys, we view our models in this series as stepping stone towards developing winning strategies in life. For instance, why does our Full Armor Gear Tank have elevated wheels in the front and back? Why does our Full Armor Gear Transporter require a cargo hold that can be left at the scene? Why does our Full Armor Gear Tank have the capacity to carry with it a bridge that can support its own weight? We can continue to ask questions that you may have not realized where solved with this series, we hope this opens your eyes to some of the design choices we made in developing it.

Full Armor Gear Bull

This was the first in the series released, if features two distinct views depending on the placement of its “arms”. It features plenty of storage space, three large independent moving arms and very fast wheels.

Full Armor Gear Transporter

This was the second vehicle we released under our Full Armor Gear series, it features more than enough storage in both the front and back. A bed that can be left on location and picked-up when ever it’s needed, rotating wheels and front arms and an incredibly strong design to limit the amount of trips to the local repair shop due to some misadventures with your child.

Full Armor Gear Tank

Our latest in the Full Armor Gear series, this tank features an incredibly strong and resilient superstructure that can take just about any punishment thrown at it. It has a 360 degree rotating turret with three large cannons, ingenious raised wheels at the front and back to aid in overcoming obstacles, incredibly robust wheels that will never experience a flat and to top it off, its own set of bridge to cross gaps left by adventures where no tank have been before.

Where and what format is the Full Armor Gear series available?

You can find our Full Armor Gear series on our main web site under -Specials- / Series / Full Armor Gear and they are all available in both pre-cut kits with you being required to source the dowels locally and templates.

The Future of the Full Armor Gear series

Although we don’t have a set time line for the release of any of our products, within the Full Armor Gear series or otherwise, we can tell you that so far, we have focused on only a small section of our armed forces, the terrestrial one. There is an entire fleet waiting to be designed, from amphibious assault vehicles to an air force, even some that are meant for strategies out of this world, under it and beyond it. Essentially, the future is very bright and we look forward to adding to this series in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to send us feedback, we always appreciate it.