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custom-rubber-stamps-xx3 Rubber Selection for Custom Projects

Rubber Selection for Custom Projects

Rubber selection for custom projects is an important aspect to consider depending on your application by

Generally, there are two categories that decide what route you take, making custom self-inking rubber stamps and “everything else”.

In the self-inking rubber stamp category, it’s almost always 1/8th inch (3 mm) thick rubber, it just works perfectly with Trodat and other rubber stamp mechanism manufacturers.

Our supplies, rubber to mechanism AND even our Trotec Laser 400 flexx all come from Trodat so it’s a perfect “all in one solution” that we can offer customers when it comes to custom self-inking rubber stamps.

As for which self-inking rubber stamp is best, it depends on how much information you want and the space of the imprint you are looking towards being inked.

When it comes to custom self-inking rubber stamp manufacturing, I strongly suggest to our customers that you go with the professional series.

It costs a bit more BUT you get a stamp that’s light years ahead of the full-plastic self-inking stamps and produces better results throughout its lifespan due to an internal metal structure.

There is an incredible variety of self-inking stamps that we can offer our customers, from super large to pocket-sized and anything in-between.

There are also lots of color options for the ink pad, including multi-colored ink pads so you can have one aspect one color and another of the same self-inking stamp another!

The second category of “everything else rubber solution” is from 1/8th inch (3 mm) or quarter-inch (6 mm) are generally for more specialized applications.

For instance, if you are manufacturing paper patterns using a drum, we generally use quarter-inch (6 mm) rubber with double-sided tape on the back that you roll onto it.

Other times we go custom is when a customer has a specific size requirement, such as the example I made above that’s the size of a standard business card.

For instance, rubber stamps are also very useful for making hot foil stamp molds though there are some design elements you need to keep in mind which is why we are developing our metal department over the coming months to make these out of Copper and Manganese as rubber isn’t always the best solution.

So whether you want to go full-on totally custom with your rubber needs or standard for office or warehousing needs, contact and we’ll make it for you!