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custom-signage-7 Running is a Privilege!

Running is a Privilege!

I’m incredibly lucky, I found my passion a long time ago and it has snowballed into what is currently!

Although the beard is gone, the passion has not. We finished-up a few projects for our New York city customers last week and the best part of the entire process of design through shipped goods are the reactions we get when their packages arrive.

Let’s face it, a CNC machine isn’t all that exciting but their capabilities used to put a concept into a finished product really is!

It’s the same feeling I had when I first started my custom CNC design company more than a decade ago, back then, it was designing projects for CNC lasers and routers for others who had these machines to make and give to their kids and family.

The difference with is that the end-client doesn’t have these awesome CNC machines – which makes it all the more special to get feedback from them upon receipt!

During my self-taught travels through the CNC world, I’ve designed and made stuff for people in South Korea, China, Australia, USA and Canada while living there.

For instance, the first two videos in this blog post were filmed when I was in Canada while the one just above this paragraph was in Perth, Australia!

This is why I tell my customers far and wide that being able to bring to them a little custom into their lives is a great privilege, I really enjoy doing what I do nights and weekends (when power is half price).

Of course, we do lots of custom work for big global fortune 50 companies as well as individuals and this kind of mix is what makes it fun, the big guys are hard to impress but I always try to do something that will gain their attention.

Truth be told though, a CNC router has its own magic, as does a CNC laser and in the future, CNC waterjet and who knows what else CNC we’ll acquire over time.

This past weekend did a project that involved both our CNC router and laser and it was great fun, using the maximum potential and capabilities of each to produce an optimal results for our client.

Unlike my past designing toys and selling the plans, we are now doing stuff for military, aerospace and basically, you pick the vertical, we are involved in it somehow!

My goal for this company, from the very start, was to provide a unique service in which could come-into the cog of the wheel anytime. For some clients, we do a very small step in the overall manufacturing process while for others, we are involved sketch through widgets heading out the door.

Being a trusted service provider has it’s challenges, there are deadlines that need to be met, which is why all our equipment is top of the line. I had a decision to make from the very start, invest in top of the line or buy bottom of the line and have everything in one shot. The problem with bottom of the line is reliability, when a project needs to get done, it MUST BE DONE.

It costs a lot more to run a top shelf rather than bottom shelf business, especially in the CNC field, but for our clients, and our sanity (running a shop where things are always out of spec and broken isn’t a good way to start), there really was no other way to do it.

It’s impressive how much we keep on growing, customers love our stuff, we focus on deliverables and quality. I regularly meet-up with others who run similar businesses to mine and it quickly becomes apparent who loves what they do and those that don’t.

You can spot people who are stressed out of their mind due to bad growth strategies and being unable to compete in an increasingly competitive world, they look forward to retirement, for me, I’m already retired, doing what I love, so when I hit 65 many decades from now, I don’t see myself doing anything different from what I’m doing now, just at a larger scale!

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