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cnc-coffin-laser-21 Scraps are a valuable commodity!

Scraps are a valuable commodity!

It’s incredible how much “scraps” some companies throw-out after a production process, I’ve come to see this as a valuable resource that can actually bring you more business and boost morale! The coffin lids shown in the image below were repurposed for an award a teacher was handing out over Halloween.

cnc-coffin-laser-21 Scraps are a valuable commodity!

I have yet to find a company that doesn’t have some excess inventory, “looks new” broken things out back or scraps from various projects they’ve finished over the years or recently. All this stuff piles up!

Even here in the shop, there is always left overs of things… what do I do with it? I make samples and videos which you’ve seen across this site, the only exception is the pumpkin I did a while back, it’s still on the porch and I call it my Christmas pumpkin now.

When you can engrave or cut just about anything, as we can with our Austrian Trotec Speedy 400 flexx CNC laser, making samples with scrap is a great way to leave something behind after a customer visit which will allow a company to remember me for when a project comes around.

There is no lack of ideas here for what to do with what’s “left over”.

Examples of scrap ROI

  • If you an office supply store, wow, you got lots of inventory that isn’t moving in the shelves, let the pros at turn that into laser engraved murals, custom display cases or even awards to give to employees or customers!
  • If you are a manufacturer, those extra odds and ends, even those that don’t meet QA values, can be laser marked with your name and logo and used as paperweights or as a gift to a good client.
  • If you are a mill worker, you’ve got sheets of extra laminate, formica, plywood, 2×4 etc… even shingles… that’s great stuff to make business cards from. Yep, we can even make business cards out of 3/4 laminate here at the shop! (You give these to good clients, keep the cheap paper ones for the trade shows)
  • If you are an architectural or design firm, send us your drawings and we’ll engrave your name and contact information across all those surfaces after cutting and assembling your model… have an old model catching dust? We can stick that in our large format CNC laser and engrave it all over and material depending, give it a fresh coat of paint or reverse engineer it so that it’s a model made out of something else from other scrap you may have.
  • If you are printing company, let us turn all those loose sheets that the copier threw-out into books, collages or anything else creative to stick on your walls or as gifts to good clients with their logo engraved across them.

The biggest return on investment any business can make it turning “garbage” into something your sales people can leave with customers to generate more revenue… it really isn’t hard to find and turns waste into a commodity that will bring you business long after you’ve left.

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cnc-coffin-laser-21 Scraps are a valuable commodity!