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Nothing beats custom mirrors for your office, change room, bathroom or even as gifts!‘s custom mirrors can be any size or shape and additionally, paint filled for that ultimate custom look and feel!

custom-cnc-mirror-x6 Mirrors(SEE HOW IT WAS MADE)

Our custom mirrors can also be used for a variety of other purposes as well, from sayings used to motivate staff in a sales office to “Mr & Mrs XYZ” tabletop shine at a wedding. We offer endless possibilities when it comes to making custom mirrors for your specific application.


The advantage of using acrylic mirror over traditional mirrors are that they won’t break into incredibly sharp shards and can be easily formed and cut to specific shapes, weighing just a fraction of a typical traditional mirror. Applications in the marine, military and aeronautical industries where safety and weight are a prime issue, is a valued supplier for a host of custom mirrors. also has an industrial sand blasting cabinet in our custom shop so a variety of possibilities are available to suit your needs.