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Table Top Displays

Presenting at an upcoming trade show with a typical table and black cloth over it then throwing your wares on it? Don’t do it, contact and we’ll make a custom display just for you!

We will custom cut a display based on the products and/or services you with to highlight and because all our work is done with CNC machines, whether you get one or a thousand made, they will all be identical!


Having a custom designed, cut and built display for your table top will make you stand out, reduce the possibility of losing components as we can engrave, mark or etch product details directly on the table top and will be custom engineered so that it’s easy to set-up and tear down with minimal effort.

We can also design, cut and built custom trade show models of your product using acrylic, wood or any other material with gears for manually moving parts. We’ve had our work displayed as part of our customer’s booths across the globe, from Sydney to New York, Europe to Japan.

Give us the opportunity to design something AWESOME for you so that your booth gets the attention it deserves!

IMG_3833 Table Top Displays

Custom model as part of a display at the Nürnberg International Toy Fair designed by