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Some fantastic Halloween wood building projects

Halloween is a great holiday to have a party and to assume an alter identity. Kids go trick-or-treating to see who can get the most candy, neighbors dress-up their houses to look scary and generally, people have a fun time! We realize that having unique items to display will make you stand-out from the regular junk found at mass retailers that seem to change very little from year to year… maybe that is part of the nostalgia? We don’t know, but we are tired of it so we created some wonderful projects for carpenters and other wood enthusiasts to spread the holiday scares! Here are three projects, which are also available as pre-cut kits, which will surely get you and your friends in the mood for a frightful evening!

You can find all these projects at within Theme / Holidays / Halloween.

Halloween: Sword Shelf

This is a relatively easy project to build which serves as both a shelf during the Halloween period and if you shine a light behind it, a scary shadow. If you choose to use 4mm thick wood to build this project, the approximate dimensions would be 37cm high, length of 47cm with a width of 10cm with a HUGE shadow many times that size!

Halloween: Serving Coffin

Next up, our popular Halloween Serving Coffin. This item is great for sharing goodies with kids and adults of all ages. It features a very large storage area and is very easy to handle. It is also very strong and can take the normal abuse that happens during Halloween without any problems. It also comes with a lid to help keep the spiders from eating your chocolate or candy! If you wish to build it yourself, the approximate dimensions would be 15cm high, length of 30cm with a width of 18cm using a material that is 6mm in thickness.

Halloween Guillotine Serving Tray

Last but not least is our Halloween inspired Guillotine Serving Tray. Not only does it features a working guillotine but plenty of serving / storage space as well! This is a very unique design that will surely turn many heads in a safe manner! This project is a level 3 meaning it will take a bit more work to build but it’s easily within the reach of most wood project builders with the right tools and expertise. If you where to build this using 6mm thick wood, the approximate dimensions of your finished work would be approximately 30cm high, length of 19cm with a width of 24cm.

The Bottom Line

There is no longer any excuse having sub-standard, mass-produced junk during Halloween.