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Sustainability 101: Simple Water and Electricty Solutions

Here at, we pride ourselves on creating sustainable, environmentally friendly items that help you both save a tonne of money and fight climate change. Nothing is more environmentally friendly then wood! If managed properly, forests can provide a limitless source of materials that improve the lives of people while helping to fight off soil erosion, providing habitat for a multitude of organisms and helping to purify both the water and the air. The solution to climate change is a simple one, stop shipping tonnes of useless junk and use local building materials! But before we delve into the world of sustainable practices, we must first solve the greater evils, lack of clean water and easy power generation.

Simple Solutions: Water and Electricity

It’s no secret that the third world, haven been taken advantage of for centuries by colonists and always pushed into proxy wars by other countries, the poorest among us will be the first to suffer the effects of global climate change. If you don’t have access to clean water for your family, then you fall prey to many diseases and your focus becomes rather narrow (ei: survive another day) instead of sustainable practices. I studied environmental policy in university and educate myself constantly on what people around the world are doing to improve their lives in a sustainable fashion. Here are four simple solutions that are making a very big difference for the poorest of this world, hopefully this can humble us into not taking our lifestyles of excess for granted.

Dean Kamen’s Miracle Water Distiller

It’s no secret that clean, pure water is in very short supply around the world. Water is also the source of a lot of diseases such as Malaria, Guinea worm and even Polio! As a result, the very first step in helping a population get away from the ravages of destitute poverty is a clean source of water! Dean Kamen is a maverick inventor who, with the help of his team, develops revolutionary products for various fields. Basically, hook-up this machine to any water source and it produces gallons of clean, pure, distilled water regardless of how contaminated it is!

Hippo Water Roller

Imagine having to spend HOURS everyday walking back and forth from a water supply that is several miles away. Now imagine having to do this while you are in a state of dehydration, malnutrition and desperation! Water is pretty darn heavy no matter how you carry it, which is why this simple solution is such a fantastic one. Use the weight of the water to your advantage and bring a heck of a lot more of it to your remote village using the Hippo Water Roller. This idea is frustratingly simple yet provides an exponential boost in the quality of the lives of the citizens who have this.

Playpumps Water System

Kids love to play, why not use their energies in order to help an entire community? This is the idea behind the playpump water system. The more kids play on this “toy”, the more clean water they produce! It gives parents peace of mind and kids a new reason to burn off their excess energy!

See-Saw Power Generation

Once the specters that come with a lack of water are resolved, the next one on the list has to be electricity! With clean water, you can grow crops, feed animals and prevent a number of diseases but, in the end, you are still lacking the possibility of educating your children out of the fate that comes with poverty. With electricity, you can now have lighting, run a 100$ laptop to educate yourself about the world and most importantly, communicate with the outside world. They soon realize that they are no longer alone and develop a larger picture of the planet!

The results of these and other programs

Once people no longer need to waste their time on menial tasks, they can help build stronger communities, are able to get out of the grind of abject poverty and most importantly, can begin on the path towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The Bottom Line

Technology is both the cause and cure for the world’s problems.

LennTech – Water Borne Diseases, DEKA Research (Dean Karmen’s Company), Hippo Water Roller, Playpumps International, See-Saw Power Generation