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Templates coming to

Due to popular demand, we will be selling templates of our designs online. Some people are comfortable with scaling grids to fit the width of the wood they wish to cut but others are not so much. Before, some clients considered pre-cut kits, although a great value, a bit on the expensive side especially if they had the equipment to cut the models out themselves. Solution? Well, we will be rolling-out 0.5mm Styrene templates of our designs which you can trace on any type of wood using the prescribed width selected by us that best suits your design. The price of the templates varies greatly but due to their low weight, shipping costs very little when compared to full kits. Consider it an in-between blueprints and pre-cut kits.

We hope this innovation will lead to greater adoption of our measurement-free and environmentally friendly product offerings. Things are getting a little messy on our site as, for some products, we now offer up to 4 different “options”. We are aware of this situation and are looking at a number of possible solutions but in the meantime, if you find something you like, click on it and “related products” will show you, on the products page, the other options available for said model.

Of course, offering pre-cut templates opens a whole other avenue regarding products which we are eager to roll-out in the coming months. Stay tuned!