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Toronto Laser Marking

Whether you are in Toronto looking for some industrial laser marking or in Niagara wanting to get some of your promotional USB sticks permanently laser marked, has the expertise and machine to get the job done for you on time and on budget.

cnc-laser-laminate-5 Toronto Laser Marking

Laser engraving wood laminate.

We’ve done projects big and small, from large laser marking, cutting and engraving production runs for manufacturers to smaller jobs for mill workers and entrepreneurs looking for something unique to showcase their skills and up sell to their client base. is about partnerships, we want to be part of your supply chain!

Laser marking can be done on a variety of materials, from plastic to metals, and the results are always permanent though the results can be vastly different depending on the material composition we are working with. So, what’s the difference between CNC laser marking and CNC laser annealing? This photo explains it better than I ever could.

cnc-laser-laminate-5 Toronto Laser Marking

Annealing on the left, marking on the right.

Why go with CNC laser marking over annealing?

The biggest issue here is cost, depending on material, it can take substantially longer to get a nice black or dark brown on a material that’s being annealed which increases the production costs exponentially while marking generally takes a fraction of the time. The results are different so it depends on the application and intended use, and budget.

What else can be CNC laser marked?

Laser marking can occur on metal using a CO2 or a Fiber laser tube on metal, which ever gives the best results but when it comes to plastics, Fiber laser marking is what you want. Here’s what that looks like (on the left is marking fiber, on the right engraving CO2).

cnc-laser-laminate-5 Toronto Laser Marking

What’s interesting in this case is that the engraving and marking take about the same amount of time but the results are significantly different! What happens is our fiber laser tube (our Austrian CNC Trotec Laser has both sources) color changes the plastic which produces awesome results depending on the composition of the plastic. Marking plastic is a far less destructive process than engraving using our CO2 laser source.

… but I’m in Welland, Mississauga, Milton, Ajax, Owen Sound…

It really doesn’t matter where you are, the vast majority of our projects are pretty easy to ship and we have an inventory of materials here ourselves from metal plaques to anodized aluminium dog tags of all colors, to fulfill orders within our 24 hour turnaround window (if needed). So, regardless of where your shop is located, can be a trusted and capable provider to your supply chain even if you have “just in time” manufacturing processes.

cnc-laser-laminate-5 Toronto Laser Marking

Niagara to Toronto, Canada to Australia… we can mark, etch, anneal, cut and produce awesome results for YOU!

We are in the USA!

We’ve successfully completed projects from Austria to Australia so geographical location isn’t much of an issue. Our shop is located less than 20 minutes from the United States border so we can easily ship from Buffalo or Niagara Falls without any issues. We also have a network of trusted CNC shop owners on every continent and access to an even wider pool for distributed manufacturing or cutting and engraving within your home country using the contacts established over the 7 years we’ve been in business with, our sister company.