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corian-house-sign-6 Unfinished Corian House Number Sign

Unfinished Corian House Number Sign

Today makes an unfinished Corian house number sign. Why unfinished? Because our customer wants to finish it with their bandsaw and sanding equipment.

As explained in the video, the filming part of the CNC laser engraving into this piece of scrap Corian didn’t come out so all you see will be the “unfinished” finished work we did.

corian-house-sign-1 Unfinished Corian House Number Sign is like a river, we flow in the direction using the curves and obstacles set-up by our customers.

Curves are what are customer specs out and the obstacles are generally financially and time based.

In this case, our customer wanted to finish the Corian house number sign themselves but didn’t have a laser (or router) to do this themselves.

corian-house-sign-1 Unfinished Corian House Number Sign

If you want to get an idea of what’s possible, here’s a video showcasing another custom Corian house number sign, this time it was finished as per customer spec.

Corian is actually a wonderful material to use a CNC router and CNC laser, both of ours are top of the line and we use them extensively for a huge variety of projects.

Each has their + and – so it’s just a question of optimally using each for the best results.

corian-house-sign-1 Unfinished Corian House Number Sign

As the precision of our equipment is unmatched, moving “down” to a bandsaw where it’s a human cutting things poses challenges, luckily, has expertise there too.

To make things easy, we engraved a cut line for our customer to use at their end so the sign comes out PERFECT.

The reason there is a bit of depth to the cut line is that after they will paint fill it first THEN cut, this keeps everything nice and flush.

corian-house-sign-1 Unfinished Corian House Number Sign

When ever you mix and match different technologies, you must have an understanding of the limitations of each so that a design can be optimized to use as few of them as possible.

Additionally, your “step by step steps” might change depending on the equipment being used, it’s simple enough with a Corian house number sign but for bigger projects, more thought is required.

corian-house-sign-1 Unfinished Corian House Number Sign

When it comes to custom house number signs, they can be made out of just about anything, here’s a version using real cedar with a black paint fill using both our Austrian CNC laser and American CNC router.

It’s almost the same steps as the 100% pure white Corian video above isn’t it? Just needs a bit more work to stop too much wood bleed of the paint, not an issue with Corian.

We can also make custom house number signs using the reverse effect, where the Corian is “sticking out” in 3D rather than into it using either of our equipment.

The advantage of a CNC router is that it’s generally faster (design depending) than using our laser but you don’t get the sharpness that the CNC laser produces.

As mentioned, everything is based on a cost benefit scale.

corian-house-sign-1 Unfinished Corian House Number Sign

For this sign, I don’t think any paint filling is required at all, especially after it has been sanded, this is a nice dark, almost black Corian house number sign.

The “white” you see comes naturally from the vaporizing of about 3 mm or 1/8th inch into the material using our laser but if you wanted paint, we can do that too.

Taking another look at the sign, the client told us the size it was to be done, did the digital file for approval before production.

Using a bandsaw, the “scrap” around the sign as a result is greatly minimized, which saves on shipping and yes, we can rough cut things if you want to make it even cheaper to ship.

corian-house-sign-1 Unfinished Corian House Number Sign

Let’s quickly compare the finish qualities of CNC laser engraving and how it compares to CNC routing.

Notice the SHARP edges and corners in the “4” below along with the even bottom surface?

That’s laser work, and it has the consistency of sand paper to boot!

corian-house-sign-1 Unfinished Corian House Number Sign

Compared to a CNC router, notice how things are rounded and the bottom of the engraving is flush and even.

Production wise, a CNC router is dramatically faster but does require some set-up to hold the piece down etc, while with the laser, it’s just drop in place and work right away.

corian-house-sign-1 Unfinished Corian House Number Sign

Here’s another example of Corian paint filling a CNC routered out design, I like to mix and match them just because I enjoy every step of production, especially the part of moving from one piece of equipment to the next in the shop.

There is always “one more way” to make something using “one more tool” or method, it keeps things interesting and fun!

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