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1-3d-video Updating 3D Animations & Videos

Updating 3D Animations & Videos

One of my goals this year is to update all my 3D animations and videos to no longer run of and to have updated branding.

Since I stuck all the blog content of onto this company’s and designed some of these models YEARS ago, it’s fun to just update things for consistency sake.

Things have evolved tremendously over the almost two decades I’ve been doing this stuff, so going back and seeing me CNC routing these projects for the first time is interesting.

Other updates are more recent, like the laser cutting of my Eiffel Tower design but with everything else, still a work in progress.

The above animation is now where I want it to be, the cutting below still needs a few updates and uploaded to Vimeo. to Vimeo

Something that you may notice are that the videos are increasingly being streamed NOT using

The reason for that is simple, as I pay nothing to to use their services, they owe me nothing in return. Put another way, they can wipe my account out and do whatever they wish to my videos and I can do nothing.

At least with Vimeo, I’m paying so I “own” the land and think it’s more professional not to have advertising streaming on my corporate website and have to deal with bogus copyright issues and a bunch of other things YouTube likes to do.

etched-welding-tags-x5 Updating 3D Animations & Videos

It’s a never ending job to do all these videos, blog posts and other stuff I do to promote and I look forward to getting closer to what we do a lot of here in the shop.

The projects so far have been more “capability hints” than actual production things I’ve done but it’s a fine line between showcasing our true capability and advertising our customers which is something I won’t be doing.

Our most interesting projects will never show-up anywhere on this site!

In the meantime, I look forward to releasing as steady stream of things I get the opportunity to work with and showcase between our custom projects. is evolving as well, to better fit within our customer’s needs, we are becoming more and more a “custom shop” where CNCs are used sometimes for everything and other times for just “ease” of completing a non-CNC required project.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that sometimes hand tools, power tools and other processes can be more efficient than using CNC equipment.

A great example of that is our industrial sand blaster, it makes what we can make unique and better but it isn’t a CNC.

There is an never ending amount of capability from any one of our machines and tools, when you start to mix and match them to their optimal use, that’s when things get really interesting and more fun!

It’s also nice to try to balance things out, for instance, making toy Rhinos is fun but they can easily be “grown” into full sized unique furniture too!

Or, actually made slightly smaller for another use all together!

One project can quickly lead to another, it’s like a parade where each float inspires the next, lessons learned making one can be applied to the others!

Every project, every tool and ever experience help add to our capabilities, one lesson at a time.

Are you looking for something custom? Contact me at!

etched-welding-tags-x5 Updating 3D Animations & Videos