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What’s unique about has some incredible possibilities with our CNC equipment that isn’t apparent at first. Let’s run through a few of them.

hot-press-custom-mold-7 What's unique about

Hot stamping 80 durometer mold, CNC laser engraved inhouse!

1) Direct Database Feeds

Say you have an application requiring a thousand stainless steel dog tags to be annealed with a 20 digit alphanumeric. Thanks to our direct database feed system, we DO NOT have to retype all these with associated errors and do them one at a time. bought an Austrian CNC laser that allows us to import, almost realtime, your data sheet so that while the tags are being made, the correct information is being relayed over directly.

The advantage to you as a customer is there are NO errors in retyping and you save a lot of treasure (our time) is having to do said tasks.

hot-press-custom-mold-7 What's unique about

Custom stainless steel annealed name badges, each unique, done in ONE SHOT!

2) Multi-CNC Optimization

Recently we started making custom polycarbonate tags for one of our clients where stainless steel wasn’t the best fit for the application they would have found themselves into. The solution is easy, polycarbonate, it’s 300x stronger than glass, can be cut just as easily as metal and we get an incredibly deep black using our fiber laser tube. The problem? We get extreme yellowing around the edges that’s hard to come off.

The solution is using our CNC router to cut the tags out and then feeding those tags, each completely identical as they were cut with a CNC, into our Trotec Laser 400 flexx, where they are then fiber marked using reverse engraving.

hot-press-custom-mold-7 What's unique about

Custom CNC router cut, custom CNC laser fiber marked polycarbonate.

3) In-house Design Capabilities

It’s one thing to have these incredible machines at our disposal but quite another to actually know HOW to use them and design optimally for them. I’ve been designing for CNC lasers and routers (by extension, plasma etc. ) since 2008. I’m putting the finishing touches on my 5th volume of designs (500 pages no less!) that helps others understand the business behind these machines from both a design and owner’s perspective.

By working with, you have this vast treasure trove of knowledge at your disposal from start to finish which means incredibly efficient production and optimal designs for the applications you require our expertise in.

hot-press-custom-mold-7 What's unique about

Custom designed Eiffel Tower, CNC laser cut… all in-house!

4) We work nights and weekends…

Yep, about 95% of our work BEGINS at 7 pm at night and straight through the weekends. Why? Electricity is half price, this is a cost savings we are able to pass to our clients. Generally, during the day, it’s full of meetings, supply runs, equipment maintenance and sales calls. Once the dial hit’s 7 pm, then the work we have found and contracts we have closed start production.

The advantage to this approach is that there is 100% concentration on your work, no distractions, which greatly helps us improve workflow and lessen error rates. Besides, we wouldn’t be able to hear a phone even if it did the ring with all the equipment we have buzzing around. Weekends? That’s a 48 hour opportunity to get just about everything done! This is why, for the vast majority of our projects, they are done within 24 hours.

hot-press-custom-mold-7 What's unique about

100% perfect stencils, two different material thicknesses, still fit perfectly! One raised lettering, one lowered.

5) 24 hour turnaround?

Yep, the focus on is to get projects done by the next business day (volume depending of course). To be honest, the faster (with quality standards in place) a project gets done, the faster you get to benefit from the ROI it provides you and the faster we get paid! Some of our clients really love the fact that their engineers can send us their drawings before leaving work for the day and it’s on their desk in the morning!

hot-press-custom-mold-7 What's unique about

Custom designed and engraved/cut wedding coaster.

6) Worldwide Network!

We don’t just say we have a worldwide network, we really DO have a worldwide network of fabricators… before, there was, a website that is focused on selling digital project files for people with CNC equipment. We sell things around the world, and have done so since 2008. That network of people just like “me” is global, whether you are in Adelaide, Australia or Paris, France, we have trusted CNC owners who can locally cut and deliver your project in record time!

hot-press-custom-mold-7 What's unique about

Custom fiber marking random electronics with a permanent maple leaf.


We really love what we are doing here at The diversity of projects keeps things interesting, the diversity of our clients keeps us on our toes and the diversity of (sometimes) exotic materials keep us guessing. You can’t run a custom CNC shop with 24 turnarounds, working nights and weekends, unless you really LOVE doing this stuff!

We’ve had a physical location for a year now and anxious to move to a bigger and better location soon enough but our growth has been driven primarily by repeat and referral business. Finding a customer is hard, keeping them even harder, so our focus is, once a customer is found, do anything we can to keep them! The best ROI you can get in a business is repeat business and referrals.

hot-press-custom-mold-7 What's unique about

Custom designed knife holder, cut in house too!

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hot-press-custom-mold-7 What's unique about