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anodized-aluminium-card-9 Why Anodize Aluminium?

Why Anodize Aluminium?

I had a customer ask me the other day why do you need to anodize aluminium? Today you’ll know the answer to this question.

Why Anodize Aluminium? PROTECTION

Although there are several reasons why you’d want to anodize aluminium, by far the biggest reason is protection as aluminium isn’t a material that will last very long in a natural environment much less many of the industrial applications that we work with aluminium in.

aluminium-laser-7 Why Anodize Aluminium?

Raw aluminium can be engraved by, you can see that in the image above, but what you can also see are all the scratches on the surface.

Being a soft metal, it’s just so easy to scratch-up and bend and warp, anodizing aluminium goes a very long way towards preventing this from happening.

Why Anodize Aluminium? COLOR

I’d say the second most common reason to go with aluminium as a base material to then anodize are the color options possible, which are endless.

Aluminium (most grades) are far cheaper than steel, not only raw but also to work with, from bits to handling the left overs after machining.

aluminium-laser-7 Why Anodize Aluminium?

Anodizing aluminium, or even powder coating aluminium, both offer incredible durability to the end project and offer colors in a huge number of tints and even reflectivity.

Why Anodize Aluminium? FEEL

Raw aluminium feels rather “boring”, it’s just not a metal that you’d rub your fingers over and discover the mysteries of the universe.

When you anodize aluminium though, whether it’s a smooth silky surface or glass bead shot, it just feels very good and when you throw in the (lack of) weight you’d expect when handing metal, it becomes a really magical substance.

aluminium-laser-7 Why Anodize Aluminium?

When I work with aluminium here at, it feels nice and cool to the touch as it’s a wonderful head sink and has great dissipation capabilities while metal or steel will get HOT and warp.


When it comes to permanently branding something, anodized aluminium is by far the most cost-effective on a per unit basis after the piece is created.

Our Austrian wide-format industrial laser can vaporize anodized aluminium dramatically faster than annealing or even etching steel without any of the heating issues.

The detail or resolution we can achieve is just as good as anything else but the one draw-back is that it’s always an off-white color.

That being said, is looking at technology to offer permanent coloring options on metal and other plastics but that will come with time as we continue to make capital investments into our business to make it offer even more opportunities to our customer base.

Whether you are looking for an anodized aluminium dog tag to put on a leash or have parts that you need manufactured, anodized then engraved, contact right now!