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WoodMarvels now offering prefab in addition to blueprints!

Hey, we are the first to realize that not everybody has even the simples of woodworking tools so how can you benefit from the creative designs found at WoodMarvels without having to cut (much) wood? Well, prefab! Imagine receiving a board through the mail where all you need to concern yourself about is assembly! Ikea made this concept work and we are as well. Over the next few weeks, we will be adding an option not only to purchase our amazing blueprints but the finished product itself!

All of our prefab products are produced on demand using the precision of a laser cutter, as such, there is no inventory to maintain and we only produce what is sold through our business alliance with Ponoko. This saves the environment, gives you a heck of a lot of additional options such as materials and sizes and best of all, keeps costs down.

This is amazing on several front but this is but a small preview of what we have in store for… more fantastic news coming from yet another front very soon!