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Now that we have switched everything over to except for our blog postings, the question of HD comment is something to consider as it is supported by our new video provider,

Is going HD possible?

Absolutely! All our files are electronic so re-rendering content to HD quality is only a question of time… and hence the issue. I will be upgrading to a new laptop at the end of the year with a 64bit OS (ei: more ram) and quad/octa processors (ei: faster renders) so I believe, at that time it will be no problem to begin converting our files over.  I would probably skip right to 1080 resolution as well to save myself from having to do this all over again a year later!

Focus now

Right now, our core focus is on content and getting more amazing designers along for the ride. There may be financial problems around the world but it doesn’t mean it’s time to hunker down… instead, we are investing into the future as usual! Our traffic keeps getting bigger so I can’t complain here as we had our best Christmas ever! Our overhead is incredibly low due to on-demand manufacturing and sharing of resources across all my companies so we are fine riding-out the storm. We also have some really cool stuff coming down the production line in the coming days… stay tuned!

One big hint of an upcoming product is Utzi’s amazing slice chair… coolest chair out there and incredibly unique!

We had to change our blog to only show one article on the first page because the music from 10 different videos running at the same time isn’t as pleasant as I thought it would be.