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Model Making

World's top CNC model maker @ your service!

CNC Routing

Extensive design knowledge and build capabilities with our CNC router!

CNC Laser

Put Canada's ONLY Austrian dual-source (Fiber & CO2) CNC laser to work for you!

3D Visualization

Put almost 20 years of industrial 3D experience to work for you!

Recent News

custom delrin seals

Making Custom Delrin Seals

Making your own custom seals is great fun, after you’ve settled on a design, send it off to CNCROi.com and we’ll ship you the finished delrin plates! Delrin is a very nice material to work with when you have the world’s best CNC laser, the precision we can achieve produces incredibly sharp and consistent seals.

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sheet metal equipment

Sheet Metal Equipment

CNCROi.com has expanded it’s sheet metal capabilities tremendously, we can now roll, bend and cut metal inhouse! Why does CNCROi.com need sheet metal equipment? Simple answer, customer demand. We are annealing and marking a lot of custom metal tags but thus far, we’ve been limited to simply flat production with our CNC laser using blanks.

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sheet metal equipment

Custom Metal Tag Production Guide

CNCROi.com does a lot of custom stainless steel and anodized aluminium fiber marking and annealing but a question that keeps coming up is how CUSTOM can a custom metal tag be? Let’s go through the options! Yes, we are a Canadian company using mm but all the dies etc. are in inches so that’s what

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laser cutting plywood cowboy sign

Plywood Cowboy Promo Sign

Generally you DON’T want your stuff burned to hell when cut with a CNC laser, in this case, I thought of a project that would actually use that to our advantage, a Plywood Cowboy Promo Sign! Cut at CNCROi.com‘s custom CNC shop and the results look pretty good although could be further refined next time

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cnc laser engraving cork

CNC Laser Engraving Cork

CNC lasers are the best machines to engrave (and cut) Cork, the best company to choose to do this for you is CNCROi.com! What’s especially nice about CNC lasers is the precision and sharpness you don’t get using any other branding method onto cork, from hot stamping (yes, we have that but still prefer the

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custom acrylic jig

Custom Acrylic Jig

We do a lot of custom work at CNCROi.com with small pieces so we use jigs to make our life easier and the projects we produce more precise. I had an “old” MDF jig that I’ve been using for many months now and decided it was time to replace it, this time with an acrylic

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