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Model Making

World's top CNC model maker @ your service!

CNC Routing

Extensive design knowledge and build capabilities with our CNC router!

CNC Laser

Put Canada's ONLY Austrian dual-source (Fiber & CO2) CNC laser to work for you!

3D Visualization

Put almost 20 years of industrial 3D experience to work for you!

Recent News

fiber laser color changing a hard drive, branding it

Fiber Laser to Color Change Plastic: Hard Drive Marking

In this blog post, CNCROi.com color changes plastic… without melting it… on a hard drive using our fiber laser tube. The results are permanent, the results awesome! Having a dual-sourced industrial wide format Austrian CNC laser has many advantages but one that isn’t shown too often is the ability of our fiber laser tube (we

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Trotec Speedy 400 flexx

Why does CNCROi.com have an Austrian CNC laser?

There are A LOT of choices out there in the CNC laser world, so why did CNCROi.com buy an Austrian CNC laser… and not just any Austrian CNC laser but best-in-class dual sourced industrial wide-format Austrian CNC laser? The quick answer, for our customer, the long answer… as follows. First Option: Cheap Chinese CNC Lasers

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custom designed laser cut sample holder

CNCROi.com Custom Sample Holder: Part 2 of 2 ~ Laser Cut and Build

This is the second part of our two-part series that saw the development of a custom sample holder for internal use here at CNCROi.com. Feel free to read and see the design process HERE. The video below outlines the second phase of a custom designed project, production. I had some plywood left over from another

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Laser Engraving A Custom Hot Press Mold for Foil Stamping

Vision is more important than a business plan

When I set-up CNCROi.com, my vision was clear, I wanted my company to be a Custom CNC Shop. While I was in Australia learning the ropes of the CNC laser and corporate award industry over at Evright.com, I realized what I was passionate and wasn’t passionate about. Evright.com is an awesome company, they taught me

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custom sample holder

CNCROi.com Custom Sample Holder: Part 1 of 2 ~ Design

Sending custom sample packs across a variety of industries we serve is a slight challenge at the moment, we have boxes with different types of things all over the shop. CNCROi.com is very much a lean and clean shop, we just have to move things on a regular basis to make room for projects and

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Custom CNC Laser Annealing Brass Valve Tags

CNCROi.com for Medical Device Manufacturers

CNCROi.com is offering a host of custom CNC laser services across a host of industries, in this blog post, we’ll concentrate on our unique offerings that we provide to our medical device manufacturers. NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) Do you know how many blog posts CNCROi.com has? 224 including this one. Do you know how many client

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