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Recent News

mike tyson cnc laser

CNC Laser Engraving & Cutting Metal Looking Plastic Laminate

Depending on the application, CNCROi.com can make a wide variety of signage but the most efficient when quantities are small and budgets are tight is the use of plastic laminate. Why is plastic laminate so cost-effective? The first reason is, compared to annealing stainless steel for the same effect, it’s DRAMATICALLY faster. The second is

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laser marking pcb board

CNC Fiber Marking & Engraving a PCB Board

Although there are a number of ways to permanently marking or engraving PCB boards, by far the best is using a fiber laser tube onto the green part of the PCB board. Watch the CNCROi.com video to see why. The major advantage to using a CNC laser over just about any other process out there

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400 flexx trotec

Power of CNC Laser Pass-through

The primary piece of equipment in our CNCROi.com shop is our Austrian wide-format industrial CNC laser with both a fiber and CO2 laser tube in it… but that’s only the beginning. I did a video a while back of a Trotec Speedy 400 (non-flexx) so you can get an idea of how powerful our machine

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laser cutting fabric

CNC Laser Cutting Leather (Fabric)

CNCROi.com‘s industrial large format laser can cut just about everything but metal, from 3/4 inch laminate through to paper… and fabric! Why use a CNC laser for fabric? There are three main points as to why you’d want to use the services of CNCROi.com to cut out your fashion designs. No lose threads… everything is

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anodized aluminium name badge

CNC Fiber Laser on Metal Sample Gallery

Last week we reviewed our wooden samples up to date made with our CO2 laser source, this week, CNCROi.com will review our metal samples using our fiber laser source. Let’s start off with stainless steel, from solid laser cut blanks to stamped ones, our fiber laser turns just about any grade of stainless steel black

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CNC CO2 Laser on Wood Sample Gallery

Had a customer ask me to show them what can be done with wood using a CNC laser, here’s a small sampling of previous projects done only on wood. Of course, what is shown below can be any other material as well and vice versa throughout the CNCROi.com website.

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