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Model Making

World's top CNC model maker @ your service!

CNC Routing

Extensive design knowledge and build capabilities with our CNC router!

CNC Laser

Put Canada's ONLY Austrian dual-source (Fiber & CO2) CNC laser to work for you!

3D Visualization

Put almost 20 years of industrial 3D experience to work for you!

Recent News

cnc laser cutting formica laminate

CNC Laser Scoring & Cutting Formica Laminate

As mentioned previously, if there is a world record for cutting laminate like Formica by a custom CNC shop, CNCROi.com is among the top standing. In this case, we just finished-up a big Formica laminate cutting job for one of our millworking customers and the scrap left over was used to cut a sample sheet

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Custom CNC Laser Annealing Brass Valve Tags

Custom CNC Laser Annealing Brass Valve Tags

CNCROi.com processes a lot of metal, from annealing brass and stainless steel to metal forming and cutting it. Today, we’ll take a look at custom CNC laser annealing brass valve tags, on both sides. As an ever-increasing challenge to remain competitive in such a competitive field where we work with manufacturers, mines and hydro-electric installations

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CNCROi.com Volume V: Think it, Build it, Sell it!

Download a copy of CNCROi.com Volume V: Think it, Build it, Sell it!

If you want to get your hands on my latest book CNCROi.com Volume V: Think it, Build it, Sell it! before even Amazon.com gets it in physical form, you can buy a digital copy from CNCKing.com right now at http://cncking.com/digital-files/shop-essentials/books/cnc-design-anthology.html This book has come together wonderfully, it has taken two years (since the last volume

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CNCROi.com Book

CNCROi.com Volume V: Think it, Build it, Sell it! ~DONE

I’m done editing the 500 page proof of my latest book, CNCROi.com Volume V: Think it, Build it, Sell it! As with all my previous books, they are all printed on-demand and available digitally from my website. Amazon sells a few books here and there but by far I sell the most on my own

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cnc laser engraving a wooden cottage on wood

Acceptable File Formats

An ongoing issue we have with some new customers who want work engraved or cut by us is that they do not have the right file formats for us to do our work, much less provide them with a quote. JPG/PNG Unless you want to have a portrait engraved in wood or annealed into stainless

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cncroi.com custom acrylic sign

New Acrylic Custom Signage for CNCROi.com (Virtual Design to Finished Product)!

CNCROi.com has made a lot of unique and neat custom signage so I thought it would be fun to make a new one for the shop, one that I can carry to trade shows that I’ll be exhibiting at that’s incredibly strong, flat and easy to hand just about anywhere! Now that you’ve seen the

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