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Recent News

cnc laser laminate engraving

CNC Laser Laminate Extravaganza

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I’ve been so busy with cutting and engraving everything but CNC laser laminates that I decided to post a bunch of videos and pictures to show the possibilities of this very versatile material. Why use laminates? There are a number of reasons to use laminates, the first are the endless color combinations that it can

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Laser Engraving Beach Pebble Stones

Best way to get business…

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At a local networking event, I had a guy who was new to business ask me what is the best way to get business and win over potential clients. That’s easy… MAKE THEM MONEY! We are all in business to make money, otherwise, we’d run charities. Day in and day out, there is a certain

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laser engraving powder coated aluminium

CNCROi.com Business Card: Material Testing Design

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There is no way around it, running a custom CNC laser shop requires a lot of material testing both as part of a spec work project CNCROi.com submits along with a proposal and just to keep adding interesting laser (for now) related work here on the site. One thing that becomes apparent rather quickly while

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stainless steel laser tag annealing

Watch the Sparks Fly! Annealing a 4-holed Stainless Steel Tag

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Wood smells good but steel is where the fun is in the laser marking and annealing business. In this case, I permanently laser annealed my CNCROi.com business card onto one of our stock 4 corner holed stainless steel tags. I saw sparks before using our flexx lens that came with our customized Austrian large format

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laser engraving cedar shingle

Laser Engraving a Cedar Shingle

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A few days back it was Crayola being laser engraved and today it’s a cedar shingle! Along with renovations comes new material to play around with using our Austrian CNC laser and I really liked the results I achieved with this one here at CNCROi.com! Although this wood is uneven, it posed no issue, I

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laser engraving crayola

Laser Engraving Crayola

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Wax is a tough material to laser engrave because it tends to melt when heated up, so I grabbed some Crayola crayons that I got at a manufacturing tradeshow (yes, some companies are getting creative with their swag), and gave it a try! Got a bunch of metal stuff engraved and I wanted to do

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