CNC laser tile

Laser Engraving Polished Tile

Tile, like the beach pebble stones I engraved earlier in the week here at HQ, produces awesomely bright flashes when it’s laser engraved… unlike wood, foam, acrylic or just about anything else that’s just vaporized with little fuss. We got tons of power so we are able to plow right through it, it’s like a 300 watt flickering lighbulb!

CNC laser tile

In this case, one of our customers was renovating and I got a few tiles to do some testing with, the results look pretty good except for the banding in the substrate. This isn’t a tile that’s made especially for lasers, it’s probably as old as I am!

I’ve become a material hound, if I can leave an office with some stuff to do testing on, I will just because it’s so much fun trying to predict what will happen – it’s always a surprise as each material reacts differently to laser power… this was done with a CO2 laser source, we also have a fiber source so that’s the next things I’ll play around with between projects.

CNC laser tile

I know the laser is 100% perfect, the file I used to do the engraving is also 100% perfect so that means the material isn’t consistent – I’ve had this issue even with recently produced tile. The easiest solution I’d see is simply paint filling the tile afterwards – enamel spray paint or powder coating would look really cool!

CNC laser tile

The laser has several advantages to other production methods when it comes to tile, first and foremost, we can do very low volume so even if a customer only wants a few tiles, that isn’t a problem.   Our stuff also doesn’t fade over time!

CNC laser tile

We get some very nice depth, again, post-production would involve adding something into the engraved area so the tile wouldn’t fill with dust and be easily cleaned.  Keep in mind that our stuff is 100% permanent!

CNC laser tile

Our laser is also able to reproduce things at incredible accuracy and precision, meaning all the tiles will be identical and we can engrave up to 600 dpi (we can do more but you wouldn’t perceive it so save us the time and you the money).

CNC laser tile

If you need a custom CNC shop to engrave a bunch of tiles for you, where do you go?! We can handle tiles as large as a meter square (max length is 1 meter, max width is infinite using pass through).

Watch the video yourself!

Custom Laser Awards

Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

I had a potential customer ask me the other day why doesn’t have any pictures of stuff we’ve done for clients on our website or as part of our offline samples – the easy answer is that we honor and value the business given to us that have a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA). Heck, even stuff we do that doesn’t have an NDA wrapped around it isn’t shown or shared either! Laser Annealing a Pocket Knife (Corporate Gift Ideas)

Market Positioning

I’ve been positioning towards a very specific client demographic, far away from what “traditional” laser shops do! Yes, I could easily jump into the trinket business engraving pens and pocket knives like the above… there is NOTHING wrong with that and it is a very profitable vertical but that just isn’t where I see the most potential for my company. I’m thinking more specialized… something that would give me a great excuse to buy a Mitshubishi 2.7 kw EX series laser which you’ll never see at a trophy shop!

If the opportunity arises, I’ll take it like any entrepreneur would but when I think of the potential that this market can provide and how much knowledge I have in my head, I prefer going down a route far less traveled where my company can provide the most benefit to a select range of diverse clients.

Remember, I’m the guy who was contacting 30 000 manufacturing companies all around the world in 1996 telling them we can produce industrial 3D animations BEFORE anybody knew what 3D was! Here’s a sample btw – it’s over 10 years old so excuse the resolution, that’s where thing were back then, it was then “recorded” onto VHS tapes and the rendering times were mind numbingly slow!

Focus is key!

The tough part of building a custom CNC shop is that, quite literally, can jump into any vertical or even create its own. When you get more selective about your customers though, you have to understand that they are using YOU because of your knowledge, machinery, passion and above all, CONFIDENTIALITY.

We just finished an awesome custom CNC laser project last week, will you see pictures of it with a testimonial? Nope… NEVER! I didn’t take any pictures or video of it, instead, you saw something completely unrelated like beach rocks engraved with on them. I thought it was pretty cool… it certainly isn’t something I’ve seen before and whose results could have gone either way – I showed both the great and the awful btw, read

Laser Engraving Beach Pebble Stones

Confidence behind non-disclosure agreements

Truth be told, many customers don’t have enough volume to justify buying a laser and training staff on how to use it properly but as part of their bidding process, sometimes they are told to have certain things that can only be done with a laser, that’s where fits in.

Another vertical are companies who have very interesting projects that other CNC shops simply refuse to do… those are the ones that require me to put on my thinking cap, create neat looking jigs and use lots of creativity for ultimate success. It’s great being able to do what other shops say is impossible.

Sure, I could take pictures and videos of a bunch of stuff we do and share it with readers of this site, but I believe that a customer contracts with because they are confident we will honor their wishes, business model and non-disclosure agreements. My focus is to help our customers grow by augmenting their capabilities, be that for short term or long term projects.

I’ve been in business long enough to know the sting of being screwed by people and businesses who once had my upmost confidence and I refuse to do this to anybody else. The tough part about all this is continually improving on this website WITHOUT showing the stuff we do. Luckily, I can do something laser related with just about anything.

Finding projects that showcase our capabilities – yes, we have a rotary kit btw, just haven’t gotten around to making something worth showing – while not disclosing anything. Same thing with passthrough ability (meaning we can cut, mark, etch, anneal or engrave projects a meter wide by infinity long), I have a few idea of some massive projects we can do, just haven’t gotten around to it.

Custom Laser Awards

So, enjoy, you’ll be seeing lots of completely off the wall stuff but you won’t see any of the work we do for clients or testimonials. That award by the way is something I designed years ago, I’d love to win it myself though it will have to be in something other than physics!

Watch the 3D assembly animation, it’s pretty neat.

toronto laser engraving

Laser Engraving Anodized Aluminium & Annealing Polished Stainless Steel

After exhausting all my previous stock of colorful anodized aluminium and most of my stainless steel, I got some more produced so we can fulfill other customer orders here at

We had a run on these which is a great problem to have until more stock arrives, a number of clients got a substantial free upgrade to annealed stainless steel!

toronto laser engraving

These aren’t the only colors that anodized aluminium comes in but it’s a good representative sample of what’s possible!

We can also get anodized aluminium powder coated with any color combination and texture you could want… the nice thing about aluminium is its light weight and compared to stainless steel, a lot cheaper per blank unit. The added bonus of going colored anodized aluminium vs annealing stainless steel is the time, it’s significantly faster for the laser to process through!

toronto laser engraving

The fun part about laser engraving anodized aluminium is that you see lots of cool controlled sparks as the top anodization is vaporized and quickly sucked away thanks to our 2 hp extraction unit!

Depending on how much is removed, you may end-up with long streaks such as what you see above or pointed explosions as you see below.

toronto laser engraving

You also get these special effects with stainless and galvonized steel but not as extreme unless the plate is especially dirty but they are cleaned here at to get more consistent results.

Stainless steel often has a coating on the surface that’s unperceivable that affects the annealing process so it’s always best to clean it first before production begins.

toronto laser engraving

To wrap things up, if you need some tags, business cards or unique signage that doesn’t wear out over time and is easy to clean while making a statement, your only choice is!

We’ve got tons of metal stock with more coming on a regular basis and depending on volume, this can be customized further such as larger or smaller plate sizes, thicknesses, riveting holes (different sizes, positions and number) and coating color / texture.

Oh yeah, you can watch a video of both processes happening. Laser Annealing Polished Stainless Steel Plates Laser Engraving Colorful Anodized Aluminium

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