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Model Making

World's top CNC model maker @ your service!

CNC Routing

Extensive design knowledge and build capabilities with our CNC router!

CNC Laser

Put Canada's ONLY Austrian dual-source (Fiber & CO2) CNC laser to work for you!

3D Visualization

Put almost 20 years of industrial 3D experience to work for you!

Recent News

wooden laser cut big wheels

Wooden Big Wheels: Design, Cut & Build

A while back I designed one of my childhood dream vehicles, a Big Wheels. I decided while I was in Australia to actually cut it out with our ShopBot Desktop and drive it around. When I moved back to Canada with my Trotec Speedy 400 flexx, I wanted to prove to myself that my design

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Autodesk 3DS Max

Autodesk 3DS Max: Our Design Software of Choice

What does CNCROi.com use to design our projects with and animate visuals for our clients? Autodesk 3DS Max 2016! Our beginnings were in creating industrial 3D animations (solutions) for manufacturers almost 20 years ago. Back then, industrial workstations cost as much as a car and were as slow as a mopped. We also use other

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laser engraving plate metal

CNC Fiber Engraving Plate Metal

I’m unsure what type of metal this is but it’s dark, it’s heavy and although we could anneal it, there wouldn’t be much contrast, same with marking… so let’s engrave into it! We used our CNCROi.com fiber lens on this along with our fiber tube as it provides the best results for metal. After placing

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cnc laser cowboy sign

CNC Laser Engraving & Cutting Cowboy Sign (Updated!)

A little while back, I did a cowboy inspired plywood sign (see blog article HERE) and made a mental note to come back to that when I had time to do as I suggested at the end of the article, making outlines of each detail so that they stood out a bit more. This blog

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cnc laser marking aluminium

CNC Laser Marking Metal: RAW & Coated Aluminum Plate

CNCROi.com pushes through lots of stainless steel plate as well as anodized aluminium but raw aluminium plate… that’s something we are just NOW starting to get into. We showed-off our RAW brass abilities a few blog posts back so we won’t review that again here. Metal Differences: Stainless Steel VS Anodized Aluminium VS Raw Aluminum

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Trotec Speedy 400 flexx

10 Years of flexx…

When I decided to jump back into business founding CNCROi.com, the first machine I had on my list to acquire was an Austrian Trotec Speedy 400 flexx… patented technology that’s been in development for already a decade! Sure, our shop has many toys across the woodworking and metal production field including an awesome ShopBot Desktop

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