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Model Making

World's top CNC model maker @ your service!

CNC Routing

Extensive design knowledge and build capabilities with our CNC router!

CNC Laser

Put Canada's ONLY Austrian dual-source (Fiber & CO2) CNC laser to work for you!

3D Visualization

Put almost 20 years of industrial 3D experience to work for you!

Recent News

Custom Polycarbonate (Lexan) Machine Tags

Custom Polycarbonate (Lexan) Machine Tags

CNCROi.com had a customer ask us for something rather unique, custom polycarbonate machine tags that needed to be permanently fiber marked. This is how we went about making them! Watch this video to give you a bit of background then we’ll jump into production! The problem with cutting polycarbonate (lexan) with a CNC laser is

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high visibility custom signage

CNCROi.com: Custom High Visibility Signage

CNCROi.com is doing more and more CUSTOM signage, the options for cool signs are as endless as the material choices – most recently, the high visibility type. I met-up with a potential client last week and he was focused on a specific market segment with his business where HIGH VISIBILITY is essential so I thought

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custom cnc laser delrin seal

CNC Laser Engraving Custom Delrin Seals

CNCROi.com can make custom CNC laser Delrin seals of any size, shape and depth. We’ve made a lot of Delrin seals since inception almost a year ago, there are three main reasons why we get many custom seal projects: We can offer 24 hour turn-around on most seals once we receive the file. We can

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cnc laser cut formica inlays

Formica Inlays (engrave & cut sharp inner corners!)

The millworking industry has been good to CNCROi.com as we expand the capabilities that our customers have beyond using a CNC router. CNC routers are awesome machines, no millworking shop can exist today on a commercial-scale without them, we have one too, but they do have disadvantages by design, the round bit used for cutting.

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agent smith from matrix cnc stainless steel

Never send a human to do a machine’s job.

Never send a human to do a machine’s job. ~Agent Smith One of my favorite films is the Matrix franchise, even after all these years, it still blows me away with its special F/X. So in honor of Agent Smith, let’s anneal one of his famous sayings onto a metal plaque of 304 stainless steel-cut

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cnc laser marking aluminium

Wow… you’re quite enthusiastic!

I attended a networking event recently and one of the people I had a conversation with told me “Wow… you’re quite enthusiastic!” regarding my passion for what CNCROi.com does for its customers, I can’t help it. Passion I believe that being enthusiastic, or as I call it, passionate, about a subject or business is the

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