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cementbrick Laser Engraving Concrete Brick with a Maple Leaf

Laser Engraving Concrete Brick with a Maple Leaf

Can you engrave a solid block of concrete brick with a laser? Seems the word ABSOLUTELY comes around often with these types of questions here on!

The material making-up this concrete brick is unknown, as it is for most concretes and stones but it’s great having a wide variety of laser options to pick the optimal setting to produce the most accurate and high quality result fo our clients.

cementbrick Laser Engraving Concrete Brick with a Maple Leaf

What I really like about engraving stone, concrete and other hard surfaces is how precise and repeatable the results are, you can clearly see the outline of the leaf and if you want something deeper, we can also do that! There is also a nice flow of sparks (material depending) which makes for a fun cut but the heat dissipation is so fast that it stays cool and any vapor are quickly sucked out thanks to our industrial extraction unit.

I have yet to find a stone or cement that we can’t do something to, some processes are faster than others but overall, if it’s something in the physical world, we can mark, engrave, etch, anneal or vaporize it!

The video shows how “simple” the process is once the laser calibration and set-up is done… there is a lot going on behind the scenes to produce these kinds of results that isn’t shown in the video – it isn’t the most exciting part, the laser engraving process is always the climax of the entire operation by far!

If you are an architectural firm looking for some awesome laser engraving on stones and concrete mixes of all kinds, contact and we’ll turn your questions into physical results. We have a massive bed, an incredibly powerful Austrian machine and more than enough experience and enthusiasm to make your vision come to life.

We are based in St. Catharines but have clients from literally around the world, we know what we are doing and look forward to putting our expertise towards your projects.