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leatherwalletengraving Laser Engraving a Leather Wallet

Laser Engraving a Leather Wallet

Don’t you hate it when you lose your wallet? Well, thanks to CNC lasers, the problem of recovery is solved because there is no way to remove the permanent engraving on it! Everybody knows exactly who this wallet belong to!

leatherwalletengraving Laser Engraving a Leather Wallet

I decided to take a photo this time around with a ruler that migrated with me from Australia to show you just how precise and detailed your permanent laser engraving can be… this wallet is a few years old and has a lot of frequent flyer miles on it but regardless, laser engraving has given it a fresh new face.

The width of the laser pulse onto the material is a fraction of the width of a human hair, some materials such as leather take full advantage of this resolution and produce fantastic results. So far on, I’ve only shown picture of the laser marking on leather but don’t worry, we can cut it just as precisely and accurately.

If you are a fashion designer looking for patterns to be cut for leather boots, belts or other accessories, keep us in mind, we have a quick turnaround and a proven track record of amazing results across a variety of materials. Of course, you can watch a video of this wallet being laser engraved below!